Virtual Human Presenter

The Virtual Presenter is an innovative solution that combines all the benefits of projector and Presenter. Using either a unique customized acrylic shape interpreter or clear roll up banner to WOW customers with video that appears alive and talking to them!


This Virtual Presenter is new and quite ground-breaking when it comes to presenting a product or brand to new audiences. Because this product combines a presenter with either a life size transparent, rear projection presenter or combine it with a roll up banner. It is very simple, effective, customisable and easy to store

System includes:-


  • 4000 or 2000 lumens Projector
  • Media player
  • Rear Projection film
  • Life size Model Shape & printing
  • Support Base (s)


The Infrared Virtual Presenter is eye-catching thanks to the fact that it uses a human shape and adds innovation rear projection technology to give a unique appearance. When people get near the unit, the presenter can start to interact with them thanks to the infrared sensor. When they move away, the display goes back to whatever static image you want to display, thus saving electricity. The acrylic human shape is designed to make it appear that the projection is speaking and interacting with passer byes. This makes it inexpensive to maintain but allows it to function 24 hours a day and seven days a week if needed. On average, you will get at least five years of service out of a single unit

Roll-Up Transparent Banner


As an alternative, why not consider all the benefits of a life sized human presenter, but using our rear projection transparent film, roll up banner system for that portable requirement.

Complete Solution
Everything needed, Full Size, Half Size Acrylic life size shape, or transparanet film banner, Projector, Media player, support stand and software.
Use your own Person
Easily film your presenter(s) and with our software and support we will convert them to use for your own use.
A single Acrylic shape, can be used with multiple presneters, images, video, sound. Just load different media clip into the player 
Showcase your brand
Great opportunity to add both static and filmed brand images to the covering or why not use a shelf to place the physical product on display for that trully engaging and informative customer capture moment

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