interactive WALLS

Utilising the same technology in our "All in One" Interactive Floor System our Interactive Wall System is ideal for presentations and corporate events, as well as the marketing and advertising industries. Our interactive wall projection system is a comprehensive solution including both the hardware and software needed. It is possible to transform a normal wall into a dynamic and interactive area ready to put your own content.


There are a large number of different templates available and unlimited effects, many of which are three dimensional, which adds to the experience. Some of the interactive wall effects are designed to entertain kids, although these effects can potentially be modified for adults as well. The purpose of these effects is to help children learn the process of interaction, which can make it easier to introduce them to the interactive wall as a learning tool.

Walk up to the wall and Interact with It!

Hand, Arms, Legs, Whole Body, even can use soft bags to throw to interact with the Wall

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