The Projection Sphere is an innovative new device that provides full 360 degree graphics. The sphere itself looks like a simple globe, but its interactive elements allow for 360 degree viewing for your visitors.  Its shape and style make it easy to draw the attention of potential customers, creating a memorable brand look.


The product is also equipped with an interactive IR function that detects people within a set range and then starts to play audio and video effects automatically. When people move away, it just displays a static image, thus saving electricity and encouraging visitors to walk up to the Globe. There is also a touch version of the Globe.

System includes:-
•    Projection globe
•    Computer
•    6000 lumens projector
•    Fish eye lens
•    IR sensor
•    Software
•     Stand

Despite the potential power of this interactive device, the actual diameter of the sphere is only 60cm or 80 cm, so very lightweight and easy to move, which means you can bring this product to a wide range of events or move it around your storefront without any hassle

360 degree viewing angle
Unique as can be viewed from any angle, height or direction, a real unusual eye catching system
Movement activated
The Globe is activated when it detects movement, starting the presentation and stopping when the person walks away, saving energy yet creating that attraction.
A complete system that  is lightweight, simple and quick to set up, yet small enough and easy to move if required

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