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Edge blending technology to allow the interactive effect to fit your space, the desired effect or merge an dblen multiple projected images to create a single, long effect.

interactive EFFECTS & GAMES

There are over 120 + effects to choose from and growing!


There is a huge selection of Children’s educational games, for example, Pop Maths, Teeth, Toothpaste to even killing flies, gold miner or Hamster fight. For the Adult market there are numerous effects, from Flowers, Leaves, Aquarium, Footprints, or even football for the child in all of us. The system also allows you to integrate your own brand images or videos to the system.

The All in One system includes either 10 or 25 pre-installed effects of your choice.


Open the Effect Brochure below to see our current range of over 120 effects.

•    High resolution images

•    Edge blending technology for multiple projectors
•    3D effect templates available
•    Educational templates for children or
•    Dynamic, interactive tempaltes for businesses
•    Easily integrate your own branding, images or videos
•    Create effect sequence and scheduled shutdown

•    New templates being created all the time and easy to add 

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