Interactive E Book Reader

Our customised E-Book system is a new way to show off your book in bookstores, at conventions, and in shopping malls. The system uses a projector and computer which are placed on the floor. The projector reads the book from the computer, and then displays it on a clear plastic screen. This makes for an attractive and eye catching display that increases both exposure and sales

System includes:-


  • Mini PC
  • LED projector
  • Book Stand
  • Rear projection film
  • Interactive Ebook Software
  • Allows user to turn pages and watch videos

The customized eBook system has a graceful design and a transparent body that allows it to be placed almost anywhere without being obtrusive. The fine acrylic body can be further customized to fit in with the rest of the shop, keeping the store consistent in theme. The actual books on display can be browsed using the hands on screen, which has a clear and crisp high contrast image. It has a 24 inch diagonal screen size and is easy to transport. It also has an integrated PC and DLP projector that provides the very best display possible.


It is 1.2m high with book model size of 50cm×40cm. It is the all-in-one solution. The computer and projector are built in the base.


Complete Solution
Everything needed, Acrylic book, stand, LED projector and intercative book software. 
Interacts like a real book
The user can easily flip pages, watch additional videos, listen to sounds to ptovide a complete immersing engagement
A single acrylic book shape, can be used with multiple books, videos and sounds. Just load different media clip into the mini pc. 
Showcase your brand
Great opportunity to add both static and filmed brand images into the informative book. No limit to teh content and interaction size.

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